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[1/3] Caffeine Kick Demystify

Just how much caffeine do you need? 


It was 6am Monday morning, I was getting ready for a very critical presentation that at the time seemed like it was going to determine future of my career. I got out of bed, put on my best suit, and made sure I looked no where as tired as I was from the night of toss and turns.

I have often found my morning coffee to be quite weak- the caffeine effect usually wears down by noon giving me an energy slump. Today I needed things to be different- I needed to be alert and awake. I need to prove to my boss and colleagues that I was capable for this promotion.

So I decided to add more coffee than my usual amount. This time- my heart was pounding so fast, my thoughts were running everywhere and I started to shake… Needless to say, I completely blew the presentation.

Fast-forward two months…

I was alert, awake and was ready to take on any questions. Answers seem to be jumping off the tip of his tongue. I knew I was in my zone. The boss was impressed- my colleagues were impressed- and I got the promotion I deserved.

So, what happened? What’s the difference between what I had experienced now and two months ago?  

The difference was simple. I needed to uncover the optimal amount of caffeine for my body. Previously I had experience a lack of caffeine (the energy slump), and later too much caffeine (the jitters). Two months later, I was at my peak state- my body has the right amount of caffeine for the whole body to connect and function at its optimal level.