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Our Story

Why we do what we do 

It is a mixture of care and curiosity. We believe anything can be accomplished with enough of these two qualities.

We love coffee. Many of our loved ones are coffee lovers. Coffee has been our favorite thing to wake up to as well as our favorite drink to enjoy over great conversations. Put simply, it’s been an important part of our everyday lives and we want to do what we can to create the best possible experience. 

It is our hope that our work would help the coffee lovers in our lives create more memorable moments. And we sincerely hope the same for you.

From 'Auroma One' to 'Orenda'

We are excited to explore the new beginning that Orenda represents. The brand Orenda signifies care and dedication in the pursuit of excellence – the spirit that we share as a team.

For all of you our early supporters, thank you for having been here all along. The earliest of you guys made this a reality!

For everyone, cheers for the wonderful things to come in this new chapter!


Our Team 

What we are currently up to

First Shipment Journey

The first units have arrived at Oakland port, and on their way to our warehouse See More


March, 2018

Ready, Set, Go!

We are proud to announce we have officially shipped! See More


Feb, 2018

Last Check

Final check before ship out. See More


February, 2018

Orenda Reviews

A quick video of our early testers' feedback on the product...See More


December, 2017

Assembly Floor Sneak Peak

Here's a sneak peek of our assembly floor moments... See More


November, 2017

First Assembly Training

Building a Quality control system... See More


September, 2017

First Assembly Preparation

Assembly and Process training... See More


September, 2017

Drop Test Robustness

Here’s a video of how we tested to make sure our packaging safely protects delicate glass parts... See More


September, 2017

Clearing Certification and Safety Testing

We cleared through certification speed bumps... See More


August, 2017

Assembly Process Design

We broke down the processes into small chunks of tasks so that a line of workers could complete multiple machines in a much more efficient manner... See More


August, 2017