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  1. Do you ship to my country? 
    • Yes, we ship worldwide :) 
  2. How much does it cost of shipping? 
    • $35 USD flat fee
  3. Do I need to pay extra taxes, VAT etc on my shipping? 
    • Nope :)
  4. Do you have the right voltages for my country? 
    • Absolutely! We will send you the appropriate model based on your shipping address. 

Materials/ Device

  1. Are there any plastics that will touch my coffee?
    • Nope- Every major component that touches the coffee is either borosilicate glass or stainless steel 316L (brewing chamber, water reservoir, & main body). 

  2. Is the bean hopper air tight? 
    • Absolutely!
  3. How fast does it make my coffee?
    • Depends on your preference and the settings involved. Our fastest cup was brewed within 2 minutes from start till finish!
  4. How many cups can it make at one time? 
    • Around 4-5 cups 
  5. What type of warranty do I get?
    • We provide a one year international warranty with every device. 

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