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Frequently Asked Questions

Orenda User Manual

Download: English & French Manual Here


What type of coffee do you make?

Pour over, French press, regular drip and cold brew.
Am I locked to certain coffee beans?

Nope, you can use any coffee beans you like.
What is the brewing temperature range?

Fully customizable from room temperature to 99 ℃


How fast does it make my coffee?

Depends on your taste preference. Our fastest cup brews within 2 mins. You can also set the device to brew according to your schedule
How many cups can it make at one time?

Around 4-5 cups
What type of warranty do I get?

We provide a one year international warranty with every device.
What is the clean-up involved?

Simply dispense the grounds and rinse.
Do I need to use a paper filter?

The device comes with built in metal filter, so no additional filter is needed. If you prefer pour over coffee, any standard paper filter works.
If I prefer using a paper filter, what kind should I use?

We recommend using a basket style filter such as Kalita Wave Filter size 185 available on amazon or locally.
How loud is it?

The Orenda is one of the quietest in the industry.
Can I see the manual?

Definitely, please find the manual here


Does the app work with Android?

Yes, the app is available in both iOS & Android
Do I need the app to make coffee?

No, the brewer works with out the app. However, to fully unlock the learning preference feature, the app is required.
Smart Home?

Yes, you can create home automation rituals through IFTTT, Amazon Alexa, Echo and so much more.


Do you ship to my country?

Yes, we ship worldwide :)
What is the shipping cost?

$35 USD flat fee
Do you have the right voltages for my country?

Absolutely! We will send you the appropriate model based on your shipping address.